The Marketing Secret

by Anthony R Socci


You did all the paperwork, converted the bonus room into your photo studio, purchased some great backgrounds and props, got your lighting package, purchased the best camera and lenses your budget would allow, designed your logo, stationery, business cards, built a great website and advertised on FaceBook…and still the phone doesn’t ring!

Welcome to the game of entrepreneurship! Even though your first love is photography and your family and friends think you are the next Richard Avedon, Yousuf Karsh, Man Ray or Mary Ellen Mark, it’s time to get down to promoting your fledgling business. Translated: Marketing! Marketing sounds like a four-letter word to many entrepreneurs, but, “nothing happens until the sale is made.”

So what is the “secret” to marketing? The “secret” can be defined by “always keeping your business on the top of your list of things to do today.” Can you plan to do at least one thing each day to promote your business?

Mary Kay people use “warm chat” in their everyday conversations. You can do the same. When you talk to your family and friends or meet an interesting person that you’d like to photograph, ask them to model for you. Tell them that you are always looking for an interesting face to add to your portfolio and website and, “You’d be a perfect fit.” Sincere flattery will always get you on a positive standing with just about anyone. Of course, there will be no charge for the photo session and you will give him/her a small portrait in return for his/her time. (They just might want to purchase more!)

Do you live in a gated community or belong to a homeowner’s association? Then you will probably have free access to their monthly newsletter. I’ll even bet that you can advertise for free or for a small fee, so why haven’t you done it? Or, how about authoring a column in the newsletter offering tips on how to take better photos with your cell phone camera? You will also publish a photo with each article and of course, give your contact information. Contact your homeowner’s association for more information.

Did you ever think you could use Facebook to market your business? You even have the choice of demographics to select potential clients within a given radius of your studio. Google “Facebook Marketing” and you’ll get these book listings:

Now it’s your turn to use the Marketing Secret one day at a time.