It’s Not Perfect

It’s not perfect, it never will be, so just get it done! As a former art student at Syracuse University, I learned not only how to paint, but when to stop painting and call it finished. I was not alone in this “I’ll-just-paint-a-few-more-brush-strokes” mentality. The feeling ran rampant throughout the class. Each of us felt […]

Go Ahead, Reinvent the Wheel

By Anthony R . Socci You’ve heard it many times before, “Don’t reinvent the wheel!” Well, that’s good advice if you’re trying to get rolling (pun intended), but it’s not good advice when you’re trying to establish a photography business.

Playin’ the Blues

As I am writing this with the sounds of a guitar playing the Mississippi blues in my headset, I’m wondering whether professional photography will go by the wayside like so many aspiring professional musicians.

Confessions of a Mary Kay Man

Yes, there are men in the Mary Kay organization selling their line of skincare and related products and I was one of them. There! I said it. I just came out of the closet; now here’s “the rest of the story,” as the late, great Paul Harvey would say.

Don’t Just Do Something; Sit There!

You have purchased all the equipment you can afford, started to build your website, posted your new business on your Facebook page, made the leap, hung out your shingle and now you’re waiting for the phone to ring. Don’t just do something; sit there! Not! It’s time to do the real work of your photography […]

What’s In A Name?

You’ve decided that you want to jump into the fray and start your professional photography business. Great! Now what are you going to call it? It’s head-scratching time. Photo-related words and phrases start popping into your cranium; words like, “creative”, “distinctive”, “unique”. Just add photography and there you go. “Creative Photography.” “Distinctive Photography,” “Unique Photography.” […]

Catch Twenty-two: Breaking into the Business Without Experience

  You really think you’d like a career in photography but you have no experience and you can’t get hired by a professional photographer because you have no experience. Draw a circle and put experience at the 12:00 o’clock position and at the 6:00 o’clock slot. At three and nine o’clock write “job”. Paste a […]

Creating Photos or Flipping Burgers?

You saved up your dinero and plunked it all down on that favorite new camera you’ve been wanting. You’ve convinced yourself that you could do great things with this new technological evolution of the old camera obscura. Heck, you might even earn some real money with the magnificent images that you’ll produce. You say to […]

20 Creative Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram is a great tool for the budding photographer. It allows you to immediately connect with other photographers or photography enthusiasts and get feedback about your photographs. While you may be limited to the lens of whatever your smartphone of choice may be, handy apps can help you filter your way to digital stardom. But […]

10 Low Budget Hacks Every Photography Student Should Know

We all know how hard it can be to get creative with your photography while working with a limited budget. But look no further! Here are 10 great photography hacks that will add some interest to your photos for a small amount of money. From cool flash diffuser tricks to some creative photo effects made […]