Promoting Your Photography

Wedding BouquetSmall“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a familiar English idiom that perfectly captures the concept of telling a complex story with just a single image. It alludes to the fact that an image can convey your message more effectively than any verbal or written description. If in fact, you want to grab your audience’s attention quickly, and make them wanting for more, we can help you do exactly that.

There’s nothing like a dynamic, compelling image to create your company’s first impression whether you are marketing boats or bowties. We’re up to the challenge of creating that powerful “thousand words” photograph for your company.

Photographically, we accomplish the impossible on a regular basis.

The above is a recent post I wrote to promote marketing a business through photography. This not only applies to a “boats or bowties” business, but also to your own photography business. Here are some bullet points to keep you on your marketing track:

  • Does your portfolio reflect your current photography?
  • Have you defined exactly what services you offer?
  • Does your website look professional and how is it different from every other photography website?
  • Does your price list reflect a reasonable income or are you giving your work away in hopes of selling at least an 8×10 desk portrait?
  • Have you considered the best types of marketing for your business?
  • Are you prepared to answer some questions like, “What does an 8×10 cost?”
  • Are you educating your potential clients instead of selling them?
  • Have you prepared exhibits to get in front of your potential clients?

With these questions in hand, I’d like to take you to a recent request I had for wedding photography.

Potential Client: How much do you charge for wedding photography?

Me: My services start at $1500.

Potential Client: Oh, that’s way over our budget!

Me: What is your photography budget, perhaps I can tailor my services to fit your needs?

Potential Client: Would you consider just doing some formal portraits before the ceremony or on another day?

Me: Of course. I can provide a portrait session for $150 and I will email my portrait packages to you.

Notice that I first established the price range that the client had in mind. (Less than $1500) Next I asked specifically for the dollar amount she had to spend. She didn’t tell me but I did get additional information. My response was not  to lower my prices, but instead direct her to my normal $150 session fee. I also stated that I would send my portrait prices to her and they would be in addition to my session fee.

Conversation with a potential client should be an effort to gather information on what the client wants, instead of what you’re trying to sell. Don’t accept “no” as the final answer, instead express your assistance is supplying another avenue to working with her.

Finally, don’t promise to “accomplish the impossible on a regular basis” unless you’re sure you can!

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