No Studio? No Problem!

Rent this!

Are you turning down photo work because you don’t have a studio or the right equipment? You’re letting income slip right through your photo fingers. Here’s a simple solution to that problem; rent the needed studio and/or equipment. Simple, right?

You’re thinking, “But won’t that cut into my profits?”

“No,” he just answered, “you simply roll the additional cost into your current price list.”

“But won’t the client object to the additional costs?” (You think again.)

“Not if you don’t tell them,” he replies.

“But isn’t this a bit on the shady side?” (There you go, thinking again!)

“If you were buying film and processing, BD (Before Digital) wouldn’t you figure those spent dollars into the cost of production? You must do so! It’s the cost of doing business.” The defense rests.

Here’s another bonus. The studio and/or equipment that your client sees you working with adds to your credibility as a professional photographer. Makes you look like you know what you’re doing. Just be sure you inspect the studio before booking it. Checking studio rental websites is a good jumping off point.

Here’s one website I recently checked for downtown Los Angeles, California. Their name is FD Photo Studio and they offer no less than five stages, a rooftop, two pro stages and four art studios! Rentals start at $25 per hour and this includes everything you’ll need from lighting and modifiers to grip equipment and wireless sync, with different backdrops in almost 20,000 square feet in three different buildings! Book a two hour portrait session adds only $50 to your package price and that’s not exactly a deal breaker.

If this doesn’t float your boat, you’re sailing on the wrong ocean!

Need specialized equipment? You can rent a Leica X-U (Typ 113) Digital Waterproof Camera that will allow you to shoot underwater for 60 minutes at a depth of 49’ and it’s shockproof from a fall of up to four feet. It features a rubber casing, integrated UW protective glass filter that protects the front element and shutter and aperture control dials accessible from the top camera plate. Rip off a set of still images at five frames per second or switch to movie mode and shoot full HD 1080p video recording at 30 frames per second….all while working in your swim suit. Cost? Just $175 for seven days. (You could book multiple session for each day of the week.)

Once you’ve settled on which studio space to rent, it’s time to redesign your price lists to include the new COG or COP (Cost Of Goods or Cost Of Production). This allows you to take on those new photo shoots with confidence and add new money to your bottom line. Who knows? You just might continue to rent studio space and never have the expense of purchasing those newfangled gadgets to fill it.

Looking for additional information? Google photo studio rentals and photo equipment rentals and see what comes up. Here are just two that help you get started.