Eclipse the Competition

Got your protective eye glasses and camera lens protectors ready for the upcoming solar eclipse? Are you making a pinhole viewer as an alternate observation tool? Don’t forget to use a tall tripod and remember:

Never look directly at the sun with your naked eyes! That includes your naked camera “eye”! Permanent damage will result in your eyes and camera sensor. Cameras can be replaced, but eye damage cannot always be repaired!

Now let’s eclipse the competition ~ with the diamond ring! (See photo: Diamond ring appears just as the sun begins to emerge from the moon’s shadow.)

Competition is bad! No! Competition is good! Here are ten reasons why competition can help you get ahead:

          Improves product design through evaluation of your current product offerings and suggests what directions you might take.

          Enhances functionality through your discovery of different ways to use your photographic products.

          Determines product price points as you research your costs of production and studio operations just to keep your doors open.

          Enhances customer service through offering what your competitors might not be currently offering such as framing options, new product lines and home consultations. Let your clients know that you’re willing to install that beautiful framed family portrait in their home at no extra charge. Is your competition doing that?

          Helps discover your strengths and weaknesses and what you might do to improve them.

          Fosters inventiveness by researching the latest product innovations such as prints on metal, stand-outs or acrylic prints. What about add-on products such as greeting cards or birth, graduation or promotion and awards announcements? Do you, or should you include them or add them to your product line? Do you offer to take your studio to your clients for their convenience?

          Promotes creative thinking through brainstorming by yourself or with others where there are no-limit suggestions for product development or marketing strategies.

          Restrains complacency. As a former school teacher, I recall many teachers who would fail to update their lesson plans from year to year. When have you updated your wedding album designs or portrait styles?

          Encourages market research. You need to keep your irons in the fire by reading all those advertisements posted in your professional magazines because they showcase market trends. Just skimming the ads will educate you.

          Keeps you and your business current. Are your contracts up to date? Do you need to rethink your business cards? When was the last time you updated your website or blog? Are you asking for, and posting client testimonials? If you’re not reading and researching trends and innovations, your photographic venture will be a stagnant backwater puddle in the stream of business.

*Image created by Anthony R Socci in Adobe Photoshop.