Confessions of a Mary Kay Man

Yes, there are menKarla Best Online_0551V in the Mary Kay organization selling their line of skincare and related products and I was one of them. There! I said it. I just came out of the closet; now here’s “the rest of the story,” as the late, great Paul Harvey would say.I became a Mary Kay Man through necessity. I notice that my women portrait clients really didn’t know how to apply makeup properly. I needed to learn makeup techniques and I was introduced to Mary Kay through my sister who also worked in my studio.

I’m not being endorsed by Mary Kay, but after investigation I came to believe in the beautiful transformations that came over my clients who were coached through the Mary Kay process of makeup…and I was the coach.

Wearing the two hats of photographer and Mary Kay Man, I offered a complete portrait experience to one of my sister’s Mary Kay meetings. We brought our portable studio to a local restaurant and we asked every woman to remove all of her makeup. (Scary!) We did a “before” photo of each attendant. Next, we coached the women on the proper application of Mary Kay products and right before their very eyes, each woman was impressed as she discovered her own natural beauty.

Next, we photographed each participant in her “after” pose. I assembled posters with the “before” and “after” photos and returned to display them at another meeting. Not only did I sell portrait packages, but my sister gained new Mary Kay converts and sales as well.

My studio portrait sessions for women turned into a complete experience that no other studio in my market provided. I had set myself apart from the competition.

You can easily promote your business using this method.

  • Find a Mary Kay representative.
  • Offer to photograph her clients at one of her shows at no charge. You’ll do headshots only.
  • Don’t show the “before” images until you have the “after” portraits. You’ll want to present them side-by-side for the best impact.
  • Make a folder on your laptop for later presentation and project them if you can.
  • Have your package offerings ready and take orders.
  • Deliver portrait orders to your Mary Kay party host and she can deliver them with her Mary Kay product orders.
  • Offer to photograph her clients at one of her shows at no charge. You’ll do headshot only.

When approaching a Mary Kay representative, point out the benefits for her, mainly that her prospects will be impressed with the beautiful benefits of using Mary Kay products and will want to purchase them from her. Tell her what a fun experience she’ll be adding to her product presentation. Be sure to point out that you do not require portrait purchases but will offer her clients the option. It’s a win-win scenario.

Ask for referrals to other Mary Kay representatives after you’ve completed your first fun session. You’ll have a portfolio of this project to help you sell the idea.

This is a fun promotion for both you and the women you’ll photograph! It’s a great way to get your name on the lips of potential clients.


I am not a Mary Kay representative and Mary Kay does not endorse my photography business. Results are based on my personal experience. Sales are not guaranteed.