Be Careful What You Wish For

By Anthony R Socci


What are your thoughts about your photography business? Are there doubts about your success or do you envision a thriving, vibrant studio serving your ideal clients? Here’s a true life story that I hope will drive home my point of being careful with your thinking because thoughts become reality.

When my father transitioned from this life, it was my good fortune to inherit his Mercury Sable. It was a really nice car with all the bells and whistles and low mileage, but it wasn’t my car. I kept thinking of it as an “old man’s” car and I wasn’t ready to be that old man. I had a new Chevrolet Impala on my mind.

My thoughts were not that intense, but rather resided in the back of my mind. The new Impala would be nice, but I thought I’d drive the Sable for a while. Not much time had passed when I found myself driving to Syracuse to pick up my girlfriend, Becky. Our plans were to drive to Pennsylvania to celebrate the advent of the new year with her brothers and their families.

It was a beautiful cold day in upstate New York and I was looking forward to celebrating the New Year’s Eve festivities with Becky’s family as I drove along rural route 175. As I approached Cedarvale Road I saw the car slowing to stop at the intersection just ahead of me. He was on the north side of Cedarvale, and I was traveling east, and by his actions, I was certain that he would be stopping. He couldn’t have timed it any better because when I reached the intersection he decided not to stop but instead hit me in my father’s Sable squarely on the post between the doors on the passenger’s side!

It’s true that time seems to stand still when you’re experiencing a traumatic event. The shattered window glass came toward me in slow motion in a shower of beads as from a shotgun. I turned my head so as not to let the barrage hit my face, and as I looked forward, I saw the world turning as the Sable rotated and came to rest in the ditch facing west, the direction from which I had come. The car that hit me bounced off and stopped on the south side of the intersection on Cedarvale Road.

My first thought was to determine whether anyone was injured by the violent crash. Fortunately, everyone survived the explosive episode, so I called to report the incident. When the New York State Trooper arrived, he determined that the driver of the other car was inebriated and would be hauled away to the local jail for driving while intoxicated.

To give you an idea of the force of impact, I felt something in the little finger of my left hand. I removed my glove and to my surprise, found a BB-sized piece of the glass that came flying through the car! To this day, I have no idea how it got there.

Needless to say, my dad’s Mercury Sable was totalled. Becky and I drove to Pennsylvania in her car, and after that weekend I went shopping for a new automobile. Before I could say “Chevrolet Impala”, I had a brand-spanking new edition parked in my driveway.

So how does my story apply to your photography business? How do you think about your business? Stressful? Struggling? Doubtful that you’ll succeed? Don’t think your inner thoughts matter? (Go back and re-read my story!)

Your brain goes to work on delivering your thoughts whatever they may be! You are going to think anyway, so why not think big? Where do you want your business to be in five years? Who are your prefered clients? Will you have employees and move into a larger facility? Remember to be careful what you wish for! Chances are you’ll get it!