20/10: Top 20 iPhone Photography and 10 Android Photography App Blog Posts

Smart Phones are all the rage these days, and it is hard to do a complete 360 without seeing one (if it is not already in your own hand). That being said, the cameras on most smart phones are creeping up to the levels of advanced digital cameras. The iPhone and the Droid have hundreds of photography applications that are sure to improve any photographers’ photos. From editing to enhancements, these technologically advanced apps cover it all. After much research, we have narrowed our selection down to 30 posts that will be beneficial to your selection of photography apps. Check out these top 30 blog posts to see which app you need to download next!

iPhone Photography Apps

1. Lensical is a camera, library, and image editor that users can have a lot of fun with. One of the best reasons to get this app is how much fun playing with the image editing software can be. (You can add a mustache to ANYONE!)

2. Hong Kiat – The 30 Best Free iPhone and Video Apps is a long list, but definitely worth reading. Also, if they’re free, may as well get them all! Well researched with great feedback, this blog knows the best photo apps!

3. ZD Net – The ZD Net has a powerful section on digital cameras, but has dedicated a post to he iPhone apps. Straight from the APPOS (iPhone App Awards fro Photography), this list of the 10 ten photo apps is trustworthy.

4. Trip HP Webmaster – This webmaster knows design, images, and quality photography. This blog posts recommends his top ten photo apps, with breath-taking images .to accompany each description. Trust this expert!

5. Chase Jarvis – Chase Jarvis is an extremely talented photographer, with an amazing blog. Photography is his life, and therefore he knows the best apps! Check out this post, as he recommends the best apps, books, and “community” for you to get the most out of your iPhone photo experience.

6. Ronan Palliser – Ronan Palliser does a great job in this post, as he goes beyond the iPhone and recommends Mac apps. While most can work in junction together, these Mac apps are worth investigating for your laptop or desktop. With loads of experience, Ronan’s recommendations are worth your time!

7. Peter Belanger – Peter Belanger knows everything from camera equipment to software, and on this particular post he has given us a whopping 89 apps to check out per his review. Get going!.

8. Don Crossland – Don Crossland lists his top 5 Must-Have iPhone photo Apps. Specializing in high-tech and high-res photography, these tips will help your own photography!

9. JMG Galleries – JMG Galleries has a gorgeous site filled with many beautiful things and places. Specializing in landscape, nature, and travel photography, these 11 apps will help any travel or nature enthusiast enhance their photography.

10. Photoble – Photoble gives us the 9 Best iPhone Apps for iPhotographers. From special effects to HDR Camera, this list will give you all the right reasons to download these apps.

11. Learning the Light – Learning the Light is a great photography resource. With video demonstrations for the iPad applications, you’ll be a quick learner, thanks to the help of this site.

12. Todd Nurbury – Todd Nurbury has a well-written post about all the latest apps for having fun with your iPhone camera. Emphasizing retro apps (retro- looking photos are the finished product), you should definitely looks at his collection of photos. A real treat!

13. Blair Ball – Blair Ball discusses photo sharing apps for your iPhone. While most top lists for iPhone apps are out to enhance the photography, this unique post discusses methods of sharing such pictures.

14. Matt Apps – Matt Apps reviews photography, music, and gadgets, and shines with his post on Taking a Photo Every Day for a Year. While this may sound tedious (come on, it takes a second), he recommends the best way to do that via apps.

15. App Storm – This AppStorm blog will certainly keep you up to date on all things app-related, but this special list provides a lengthy (in a good way!) list of the best apps to check out for your iphotography.

16. Walter Sanford’s Blog – Walter Sanford’s blog is a standout blog for HDR (high dynamic range). Now that this is possible in the mobile form, Walter suggest the best apps on the iPhone to maximize you HDR results on the iPhone.

17. Top Tens – Photography – While this blog seems to be rating, ranting, and reviewing everything, everyday, they know their stuff. The photography section shouldn’t be missed, as the apps are ranked by score (based on 6 categories).

18. Camera Noir – Camera Noir only does one thing, but it does it very, very well. This app lets users take black and white photos at either low, medium, or high contrast. It doesn’t do much else, but it doesn’t have to. This app was designed to take black and white photos, and that’s just what it does.

19. John Adkins – John Adkins is an award winning, published photographer, who has studied and mastered photography. Formerly jaded by app reviews, he decided it was time that he helped out fellow photographers by contributing one of his own. And a good one at that!/p>

20. Make Use of – Make Use of has a simple blog post that highlights the Three most Useful Free Photography Apps. Sometimes you may think, you get what you pay for, but in this case, these free apps are truly excellent and beneficial.

Droid Apps

1. Androinica – Androinica is the site for all things Android, so they are well versed in all of the apps. This particular post gives an insightful review of the vignette app. Peruse this sight for great tips on all apps!

2. Entourage Edge – Entourage Edge is a public forum for technological advancement. If you are interested, look at these opinions!

3. Adobe Photoshop Touch – Photoshop Touch is lets users utilize the core features of Photoshop on their mobile devices. One obvious benefit to using this program is the familiar layout. Anyone who is used to using Photoshop on their computer will be able to jump right into using this app on their phone.

4. Bright Hub – Bright Hub is the self-proclaimed “Hub for Bright Minds,” and this site has a special section for Google Android. These smarties have reviewed Adobe Photoshop Express, Camera Zoom FX, Photo Burst, and PicSay; four more photo apps for Android phones.

5. Hong Kiat – This superb website is designed for online tips for designers and bloggers. The chances of this blog’s followers having smart phones (read:Android!) are high, giving merit to these reviews. Check out these photography reviews to make the most of your Droid’s photos!

6. Gizmodo – Gizmodo (they know the newest iPhones, wink) is an extremely trustworthy site for all things Android. There is a special post devoted to the Droid’s “most exciting” apps. With video and camera demonstrations, this post is a winner.

7. Steves’ Digicams – This blog post comes from a camera and photographic guru, so his Droid words are golden. Steve gives his advice on the best photo apps the Droid has to offer.

8. Camera Dojo – Camera Dojo’s post on Android photo apps is written by a recent Droid convert who is out to explore the best photo apps. After doing much research, writer, Kerry, gives her opinion on what apps best compliment the Droid’s 5mp camera.

9. Pocket Lint – After singing the iPhone’s praises, Pocket Link decided to pay tribute to the great Android.. This site has some great pictures and examples of the endless things you can do with your photos. Give it a shot!

10. Life Hacker -Life Hacker has set out to help you make the most of your camera phone. Their favorite photo-related apps are listed to enhance for snapping great shots, adding quality effects, editing and sharing images. Good stuff!