20 Creative Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram is a great tool for the budding photographer. It allows you to immediately connect with other photographers or photography enthusiasts and get feedback about your photographs. While you may be limited to the lens of whatever your smartphone of choice may be, handy apps can help you filter your way to digital stardom.

But as can happen to many creative people, you may eventually find yourself in a rut. Your eye doesn’t catch as much as it used to. The best way to fix this is to find something new. Because let’s be honest: one of the pitfalls of Instagram (and photography in general) is its repetition. People can tend to take the same images over and over and over again.

Luckily, there are numerous accounts out there in a variety of settings for you to follow that might inspire some creativity of your own. These photographers range from focusing on subject to focusing on composition; from being commercial to being artistic; to crafting their own setting to capturing the moment. Whichever form you prefer, remember there is no “right” way to take a photo; just take the photo you know needs to be taken.

Natural Landscapes

  1. Scott Rankin. This Vancouver based photographer takes stunning environmental shots of the forests, mountains, and even the urban setting around him.
  2. More Vancouver, 2 in a row woot woot!

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  3. Adam Senatori. Senatori offers a unique perspective as he is a pilot. He’s captured the natural and urban beauty of New York City, Wisconsin, Hawaii, and more from an advantageous altitude.
  4. Matsumoto Kazuo. This landscape photographer creates vastly differing images, that are perfect in their composition and wondrous in color.
  5. Kevin Russ. Recently, this photographer has taken beautiful desert landscape shots from throughout Mexico and the American Southwest.

Urban Exploration

  1. Juan Jerez. Paris is already a highly photogenic city, but Juan Jerez does an impressive job of making even the most cliche of shots unique.
  2. Trashhand. Chicago based Trashhand is one of the best at urban street photography, with carefully constructed composition and edits.
  3. Swopes. Another Chicago based artist, Elise Swopes masterfully edits her photos such as playfully adding a giraffe hiding out in downtown Chicago, or washing away the city’s skyline with an ominous waterfall.
  4. getting creative with the @sony a6000. detail is crazy! #SonyAlpha ⚡️

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  5. 13th Witness. This photographer documents New York City through both the filter of Gotham and the City That Never Sleeps. Stunning skyline photos as well as pics of his travels around the world.

Creative Design

  1. Darryll Jones. Follow the adventures of Eric, a toy Stormtrooper that Jones puts in creative situations.
  2. Emily Blincoe. Ms. Blincoe is all about arranging items in unique and thoughtful ways, whether it’s foliage, pickles, scissors, or whatever else she can get her hands on.
  3. Mathu Andersen. RuPaul’s personal hair and makeup artist, Andersen paints himself both glamorous and morbid on his Instagram feed, with out-of-this-world makeup and style (and occasionally a wee-bit NSFW).


  1. Stefano Unterthiner. A photographer for National Geographic, Unterthiner’s shoots brilliant wildlife photos from a variety of climates and settings.
  2. Acid Invader. Acid Invader puts a unique spin on the cute dogs of Instagram cliche, by inserting a dachshund into Classical style collage work.
  3. Biddy the Hedgehog. There’re enough Instagram accounts dedicated to dogs and cats out there. About time we got one dedicated to an adorable little hedgehog in a variety of settings.

Going Global

  1. Beijing Silvermine. Thomas Sauvin found an archive of over half a million negatives from a recycling plant on the edge of Beijing. These pictures are more than aesthetically interesting, but a whole window into the world of Maoist China that didn’t allow for the access of creative expression.
  2. ★ 北 ☆ 京★ 银 ☆ 矿 ★

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  3. Hiroaki Fukuda. This Japanese photographer seems to find beauty in even the most banal. Great shots of glittery urban and subdued rural landscapes.
  4. Gareth Pon. Pon illuminates the humanity of South Africa by showing portraits of the people he encounters.
  5. Ami Vitale. Ami Vitale is another photographer for National Geographic. Lately, her photos have explored life and wildlife in Kenya (WARNING: some photos have shown graphic mutilation of elephants, to show how inhumane these animals are treated just to acquire ivory.)
  6. Tyson Wheatley. Although a worldwide traveler, most of Wheatley’s photos offer a glimpse into daily life in the megaloposis of Hong Kong.
  7. Future shock

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  8. Jean Lee. One of the few (if not the only) Instagrammers to post photos from North Korea. A brilliant inside glimpse into a country that has shut itself off from the rest of the world.